As I travel around to user groups and Notes/Domino 7 launch events, I often ask the attendees at these events different profile questions about Notes deployments.  I ask about versions in use, I ask about use of instant mesaging, and I ask about server platforms.

One interesting thing I've noticed in asking about server platforms in the last two or three months is that I'm not drawing many hands for Sun Solaris.  Among my (mostly American) audiences, Windows continues to be the server platform I see most frequently.  iSeries and Linux tend to be the next two.  And while I see the other platforms with some frequency, I haven't seen a hand for Domino on Sun Solaris at any meeting I've done in the last two or three months.

Now, market watchers shouldn't necessarily read anything into this.  But I am kind of curious whether there is a reason for this lack of show.  Since IBM sells a platform-agnostic license, it's sometimes hard to track how servers are deployed in the real world.  I know of a customer in the Netherlands that consolidated 110 Windows servers down to two Sun Solaris boxes, so it's definitely deployed.  I'm just wondering why I am not seeing more of it.

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