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April 20 2008

I have much to catch up on from last week.  One blast from the past happened at the Lotusphere Comes to You in Milwaukee.  One of the attendees approached me after my first session, and I thought that I had probably met him before.  It turns out that it was Chris, who was one of my first customers when I joined Lotus ~14 years ago.  How did we triangulate this?  He handed me my business card from 1994 -- when I first joined Lotus.

What was different about that business card versus today?  Everything but my name and the word "Lotus".  

Then Now
Title Associate Systems Engineer Business Unit Executive
E-mail address
Company Name Lotus Development Corporation IBM Corporation
Phone Number 312-683-5810 Who cares
Website What?
Mobile Number What? +1-847-736-0638
FAX Number 312-693-5895 No longer included
Reverse side Blank Japanese translation

Chris also had one of my later cards, from 1999 or so when I was based in Westford, MA, as a Notes product manager, and to round things out, he had a card from one of my sales colleagues from back in the mid-1990s.

All these old business cards reminded me of things that were so common "back then".  It was Lotus and then IBM policy that one started each day by changing your outgoing voicemail greeting to include today's date and details about your schedule, such as when you will be able to return calls.  It was self-policing -- if you forgot to change your greeting, for sure someone would remind you amongst a myriad of voicemails.

I hate voicemail.  I think it's been eight or ten years since the daily change routine was part of my day.  And I'm better off for it.

This blast down memory lane was fun, so thanks for that, Chris!

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