Vacation dilemmas

July 21 2006

I'm headed out on a few days' vacation.  The struggle for the last ten days has been deciding whether I need to bring the laptop or not.  In the end, the laptop is coming with me.  Why?

  • The line between work and personal continues to blur.  IBMers joke half-kiddingly about "working vacations".  Whether the device is a laptop or a Blackberry or even a telephone, nobody (at least in IBM US) seems to go completely disconnected when we take time off.  At least I can be reasonably sure I won't be on Sametime.
  • The laptop serves a slightly broader purpose for me than just a connection back to IBM.  I've got movies and TV shows on here, a way to upload my photos real-time, and better personal e-mail access than the hotel's business center.
  • My laptop bag is already set up with all the cords and toys that I need for travel, whether that travel is business or personal.  The iPod and digital camera are in there, along with USB keys, power cords, and the all-important travel umbrella.  Why transfer all that somewhere else?
Anyway, the net of all of this is that I probably won't be completely absent from the blog while traveling.  I'm not going to be travel blogging -- for once, I'd like to be as off-grid as possible -- but the world still turns over the next few days, and I don't want to miss it.

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