Timely dinnertime reading -- I am headed to Tokyo for customer meetings and more during the week of July 2.  The local team is planning on putting together an informal gathering on Friday night, July 6, like a user group event.  Somehow I don't think Mr. Mooney had chu-toro at his geekdinner:

The five big fish wholesalers at Tsukiji are also the five big auction houses at Tsukiji. In the dark of early morning, their tuna are graded and laid out in long rows on aluminum pallets in pools of blood in the big tuna-auction hall, in a quay of the main building. These tuna are from everywhere. Some were caught off the Australian coast, others were farmed in Mexico. Every one of them has the number of its grading painted on it in red. The tuna that bears the number 1 this morning is from Boston and weighs 150 kilos. No. 2 is from Spain. No. 3 is from the seaport of Sakai, south of Osaka.
I wandered Tsukiji market in Tokyo on my first visist to Japan, ten years ago.  As many readers know, I have been an avid sushi eater since they called it "bait" (oh wait, they still call it that in Texas).  The Vanity Fair article features extensive detail on the sushi phenomena and where it all comes from.

I am not sure that I will have much free time during the first week in July, but I do know that I can get up early -- Tsukiji opens at 5 AM -- and go toe-to-toe with the world's biggest tuna.  I had a much smaller readership when I was last in Japan (October '03),  so few of you will know that i was served pasta water, how much I like Japanese ice cream, or that I was part of an IBM Software Grope.  In some ways, I would likely be more hesitant to write such entries today -- knowing that I have readers in Japan, these observations from my prior trip might be considered offensive.  No offense is meant -- I'm quite the Japanophile, having written several times about my Japanese visits.  And it's been far too long.

To my Nippon-jin readers -- please let me know you're out there, and I'll make sure to share more details about this trip as we get closer.

Link: Vanity Fair: If You Knew Sushi >

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