VARBusiness's Ed Scannell has expanded on his initial ND7 launch coverage with some analyst and partner perspectives...

During the past three years, according to O'Kelly, IBM's Lotus division has redoubled its focus on Notes/Domino; some of the improvements included in Version 7, such as server consolidation and management, reflect that increased effort.

"But as importantly, they are indicating to the market that [Notes] has a future and will continue investing in it. If you go back three to five years ago, IBM was suggesting Notes didn't have much of a future, that it was a late-life product in harvest mode," O'Kelly says.

"Partners felt a little disenfranchised a couple of years ago because we were being ignored, but now...the technology support from [IBM] has been much better," says Henry Bestritsky, co-CEO of Binary Tree, a premier Lotus partner.

Bestritsky, also a Microsoft Gold partner, likes what IBM has done with integrating Notes and Domino tightly together. He believes IBM has a leg up on Microsoft in terms of delivering a smoothly integrated solution centered around Exchange, but believes Microsoft will get there eventually.

"If I want collaboration, messaging, back-end integration and workflow from the same interface, I go with Notes. Microsoft is working on that, but you need SharePoint, InfoPath, .Net, C#, Outlook and Exchange, and all those pieces are not truly integrated right now," Bestritsky says.
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