I think it's about time to rename the TripIt box on my blog to the "User Group" box. In May, I'll be at the Swiss and German Lotus user groups; in early July, I expect to be back over in Europe for another. There's IamLUG, Australian and Midwest American groups in August, and probably more that I'm not thinking off offhand.

Today I'm adding another to the list, and it's a pretty hot one -- the Pacific Lotus User Groups conference, a free two-day event in Las Vegas in June.

This event will be the premier event for IBM Collaboration professionals in the Western US and surrounding geographies. We are bringing together IBMers, Business Partners and customers from several states and countries to provide an environment for collaboration, communication and education. You do not need to be a member of a local user group to attend, but this will be a great opportunity to meet others with common skills, grow your network and trade tips on how you work.

The PAC/LUG event is happening at the same time as The View's Admin2011 and Lotus Developer2011 events, so there are additional educational opportunities in the same place at the same time. However there is no requirement to participate in Admin/Developer - PAC/LUG by itself is a free conference, open to all.

The PAC/LUG agenda includes dozens of great speakers from IBM, customers, and partners, on a range of topics across IBM's entire social business spectrum. It looks a bit like a mini-Lotusphere, just with less humidity :-) Register today, and I'll see you there!

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