On the occasion when a high-profile customer migrates from Notes to Exchange, there are often a lot of eyes watching to see if the migration is successful, and solves all the world's problems as was promised during the courting phase.  Vince quotes a Philips (internal?) message which suggests using Outlook Web Access instead of Outlook, to work around performance issues of "the last few days".  He then observes:

Philips migrated their mail environment to a hosted Exchange environment recently because..... because...., well someone must have thought it was a good idea ;)
Anyway, as we all know every change is not an improvement, all improvement is a change and that is exactly the problem with their current environment. It has a lot of the 'old' flaws (bad performance due to network problems) and introduced a whole set of new ones.

The biggest problem will be to find a scapegoat since pointing fingers to IBM/Lotus will not cut it this time.
Pointing fingers to IBM/Lotus wasn't really the right culprit when the decision was made, either.

Link: Vince Schuurman: Philips: Connect Mail performance >

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