VNUNet examines yesterday morning's prolonged Google gmail outage, and what it means for customers who are considering Google's "beta" corporate offering:

For consumers, losing access to email for a few hours is at most an annoyance. But for a business that moves critical applications to the cloud, such an outage -- especially when it is so out of its control --- could have dramatic consequences. ...

Peter Thomas, former head of enterprise IT at Chubb Insurance and now an independent consultant, said the way Google responded to the crash was also a worry.

"I thought Google had massive redundancy in its server farms -- it appears not -- and it wants to provide corporate mail?" he said.

"Maybe posting information other than 'try again in 30 seconds' would have been a good idea."

Freeform Dynamics analyst Jon Collins said the Google Mail failure shows that people should not simply assume that cloud computing is the way to go.
The cloud or a hosted approach can certainly be the right way to go, with the right product and right architecture.

Link: VNUNet: What if Google Mail had been your corporate IT system? >

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