Interesting to see this is in the mainstream media even before the press release is posted on

International Business Machines Corp. said it will roll out an aggressive strategy today to lure business customers away from rival Microsoft Corp., offering bounties of up to $20,000 to sales partners who can persuade companies to make the switch. ...
The plan seeks to use IBM's 100 [sic - should be "hundreds of"] business partners who work with companies' IT divisions as its de facto sales force. IBM will reward each business partner $20 per individual e-mail account, up to $20,000, for every company that stops using Microsoft's Exchange server and Outlook e-mail system and begins using IBM's Linux-based Lotus Notes e-mail system and Domino server system.
The gloves are off....

Link (free registration required): IBM makes a play for Microsoft's customers >
(And watch for more coverage elsewhere today)

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