Welcome (back) Rocky!

April 27 2005

Man, I've been waiting to write this blog entry for what, six months?  More?

Rocky Oliver writes:

I have accepted a position at IBM/Lotus Software.

I will be working as a Senior IT Architect on the Business Transformation Team. You can read more about this team in an interview with the director of the team, Sabine Schilg, here. I think it will be an exciting and challenging position, and I am really looking forward to diving into Workplace to discover all it has to offer - and I am also looking forward to sharing this with you, so that you too can learn to use Workplace in your environment as well.
Rocky has been, and obviously will continue to be, a tremendous asset to the Lotus community.  His passion, drive, personality, and wit are all deeply woven into the fabric of events like Lotusphere.  I'm thrilled to have someone with as much Notes/Domino depth and expertise in the Business Transformation Team -- another clear sign that Notes/Domino are part of Workplace, not being replaced by it.

You'll note that I've recategorized Rock on the blogroll...ok, it's a couple of weeks early, but he's going to have to start considering the IBM Blogging Guidelines (appearing soon here and elsewhere) just like the rest of us. :)

Congratulations, Rocky and welcome back!

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