Welcome Chloe Frances Brill

October 21 2009

This morning at 11:51 AM CDT, we welcomed Chloe Frances Brill into our lives and our hearts.  She was a little bit stubborn about joining us, but she was worth the wait.  Six pounds even (I mistakenly read "0.3" on the scale as "3" ounces in my Twitter/Facebook update earlier today), 19 inches, and of course, beautiful.  Deborah and daughter are doing great.  Big sister Megan spent some time getting to know Chloe this afternoon and even held her little sister and commented on how soft her hair is.

We'll be at the hospital (sans wifi) for a few days, so things will be quiet here.  Thank you all for the Tweets/Facebook comments/calls/txts/packages and most of all, love!!

First photos, click on my pensive little daughter (whose nose was bent during delivery, but they say will be all good in a few days):

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