Wellington Notes user group

September 19 2006

What a nonstop day.  Some really cool meetings with a variety of organizations all over Wellington.  Somewhere in there, managed a great salmon lunch at Pravda (Russian theme, no Russian food).  After the last meeting, things went straight to Hell -- Hell Pizza, that is ("we have gas"!).  This fantastic pizza was the nourishment of choice during the Wellington Notes user group meeting, with about 35 in atttendance.


I did the same Notes/Domino update/strategy as the other recent user group meetings, followed, a bit ironically, by my colleague Wayne Boxall doing a bit of a competitive update, derived from my Lotusphere presentation!  Kind of funny to watch someone else explain why we buy bottled water :-)

Thanks to all for coming out...see you again.  Now it's Auckland for the last day of the tour, and finally, a return home!

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