The Notes "Hannover" development team is looking for input, and somehow I suspect a few of you can help with this one.  Quote:

In Hannover, we would like to fix the most egregious Notes error messages.  To qualify as "most egregious," they should probably:

- Be seen by business end users (like Samantha, Ted, and Betty) as a result of trying to do something that seems logical to them

- Be particularly confusing or unhelpful to those end users

Unfortunately, it's not easy for you to post screen shots into comments on the blog... so, maybe this is one of those e-mail preferred entries.  E-mail them to me at ed_brill at  Please also provide info on when the error message occurs, and if you have a suggestion on what the error should say, feel free to include that, too.

Some examples that have already been submitted:

  • The six entries on the Lotus Notes Sucks site called "Stupid Error Messages" (though we don't agree with all of these, and many have been addressed in Notes 7 already) 1 2 3 4 5 6
  • MIME Save warning dialog
  • Multilingual MIME warning
  • "The internet service certificate is not trusted.  Do you want to take corrective action now ... ?"

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