From an e-mail today:

I was just in a Microsoft presentation where our company's decision makers were told that the Microsoft share in email has grown from 52% to 86% here in the [sub-region of the USA], and that while companies are constantly converting "from Notes to Exchange" there has never been a conversion in the other direction.
My response:

1) Microsoft actually lost share in 2006 on a worldwide basis according to IDC; both vendors have more than 40% of the market but less than 50%.
2) No analyst that I've ever seen tracks messaging share on a sub-region basis in the US.  I'm not even sure how they'd do it.
3) See for some public examples of conversions from Exchange to Notes, and remember the big ones that have been publicly identified over the years.

I also was surprised that the decision makers at this Notes shop took Microsoft's lie at face value.

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