As Almar commented on my Monday report, I can't say much yet about what I saw and learned.  Come next week, all will be revealed, and it's all good news.  A few cool things:

  • IBM Workplace Forms has got to be one of the easiest software products to work with in the entire market.  No wonder that product has been making great strides in the market in the last few months.  I was totally impressed with the live demo of turning a paper form into an e-form, and the cool news about upcoming product integration plans.
  • Notes "Hannover" lives and is going to be a big "wow", very soon
  • WebSphere Portal 6 borrows some great concepts from Notes around templates, expands its own concepts around portlet catalogs, and has some very cool content management tools.  Watch for more about this.
  • With IBM earnings announced, there was some great discussion about the full year of double-digit growth for Lotus.
  • Lots of questions, with lots of good answers, around future support for Macintosh and Linux clients in the Notes/Domino world...
I've delivered two of my six sessions so far, and had a great dinner tonight at Tao in the Venetian hotel.  Strongly recommend the molten chocolate cake, but I did mine with vanilla instead of coconut ice cream.

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