Interesting stuff has passed through my inbox over the last several days, including...

  • News of one of the largest deals the Lotus brand has ever done in Australia, a multi-year effort with an organization I've enjoyed meeting each of my last several visits "down under".
  • News of a European customer that at one point had decided to standardize on Microsoft... after further review and detailed analysis, not only decided to keep their Notes investment, but are bringing in the other Lotus solutions (Quickr, Connections, Sametime).
  • News of a European government entity that has been historically a Microsoft shop, introducing Domino messaging to their environment for the first time.
  • An oddball deductive reasoning piece that was provided to one of my customers.  They were given two data sets from two different analyst reports.  One was a lowball assertion of IBM's market share for Notes versus MS (based on qualitative analysis) ; the other was an analyst's market share report based on revenue.  The two were "mashed up" and spit out to the customer as evidence of how IBM  supposedly charges customers more than Microsoft.  I have to say, what were they thinking -- that the customer wouldn't actually go look up the two cited reports to see that the data sets were completely different?
  • A request to be a reference for someone asked to apply for the job of White House CIO in the new administration.
  • An announcement about a webcast running on on Thursday called "Expanding Your Business with the IBM Lotus Portfolio".  The webcast is for IBM business partners, and runs on Thursday, December 4, at 10:30 AM EST, and is billed as follows: "Join us for this brand new webcast and walk away with greater knowledge of the IBM Lotus portfolio.  Learn how you can grow your business by extending your existing Information Management and WebSphere-based solutions with the latest in collaboration and  portal capabilities. "   Interested partners can register here.
  • Oh, and I upgraded to start running Notes 8.5 beta as my production build.  I had been so focused on 8.0.2 and the performance improvements in the Notes 8 client, that I've neglected to check out the work that has been done in the 8.5 codestream.  I'll start blogging about that in the coming days, as we head into the final weeks before the 8.5 release.
I would love to name names on some of the above news, but the timing isn't right and IBM has very strict controls over when a customer name is referencable.  Believe me, I would love to say more...all in due time...

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