First, let's get the important stuff out of the way -- the Belux Lotus User Group meeting today was a huge success.  About 200 attendees filled the IBM Forum in Brussels to learn about the latest from IBM Lotus.  Congratulations and thank you Thierry Soubestre from Pixelixir along with Laurent and team from IBM for the success, and thank you for being wonderful hosts.  Of no surprise to me but maybe a bit to IBM's Martin Donnelly was that his sessions on XPages were packed.  It was also nice to see so many blog readers and Twitter with Copenhagen the other day, I also picked up a few more on Twitter and some Facebook friends today.  I wish this group continued success and hope that they will meet again regularly, similar to DNUG, ILUG, SNUG, UKLUG etc.

I'm also grateful because a last-minute schedule change (due to room availability) ended up giving me a free hour or two this afternoon.  I did the best walk I could to check out Brussels.  I am not sure how it is that anyone stays thin here... .moules et frites, waffles, more frites, and chocolate are everywhere.  The Grand Plaas is also the spectacular architecture everyone said it would be, and I made the mandatory stop to check out the Manneken Pis.

Brussels -Butcher Street  Brussels - Yummy Frites  Chocopolis  Local culture  Grand Plaas

Yes, it's the wee little one  No Caption Required

Friday in flight all more quick blog entry to post and then I'm napping for a few hours before heading to the airport.

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