Thank you again to all my various hosts in Copenhagen -- Mikala and Bo from IBM, Convergens, NotesNet.DK, and INOPI.  That was 48 hours well-spent, with a lot of great insight.  Today's Lotusphere Comes to You, sponsored by INOPI, was well-attended -- including my friends Henrik and Oluf, colleagues Bo and Niels, and many other new and old friends.  Even managed an unexpected lift to the airport.

The INOPI event was unusual in that they had quite a snack setup:

Lotusphere Comes to You Copenhagen/INOPI snacks!

Lunch was good, too.

I got out for a short walk in Copenhagen yesterday morning... and the sights included a horse-drawn carriage passing my hotel

Palace Hotel, Copenhagen

and a random marching band near the new harbor.  It was Saint Patrick's Day, but this doesn't look related...

Marching Band in Copenhagen 17 March

I'm now in Brussels but have been stuck on a conference call for three hours since I arrived.  Hoping to find my moules and frites yet tonight....

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