I'm probably not the best observer on this conference, as I split my time in several places yesterday.  Still, a few notable observations on Admin2005:

  • There are a lot of Lotus customers here who I don't see at other events.  Not at Lotusphere, not at our regional roadshows.  I appreciate being here to be exposed to another set of customer voices.  I also appreciate what a great job the whole conference team does bringing together that diverse audience and providing a successful conference.
  • CRN covered Ambuj Goyal's keynote.  From those I talked to yesterday, it seemed that his effort to focus specifically on Notes/Domino at a technology level, rather than a high-level strategy presentation, was really appreciated.  Nice job to Christopher Crummey as demo dude, it's good to see Chris back in his roots doing a Notes demo!
  • In my Notes/Domino 7 session, I took the opportunity to survey the ~200 (more?) people in the session several times about their Notes/Domino deployments.  Factoids:  
    • Most of the room has upgraded to Domino 6.x and Notes 6.5 specificially
    • Over 60% of those customers are using the integrated instant messaging
    • iSeries was the most popular server platform after Windows; Linux, Solaris, AIX, and zLinux followed (in that order)
    • Two customers reported having servers with 10,000 mailboxes per server; since the demographics of this conference are more small/medium business, I am not sure I should have even expected that.  
    • Notes/Domino 7 beta is still only being tested/used by <10% of audiences lately.  We're still several weeks away from pre-release, so the current public beta is worth checking out.
    • This is really a first-rate conference, and the people behind it work hard to make it successful.  I had a little travel hiccup the other night, and the WIS/View team went out of their way to (more than) rectify the situation.  Thanks, guys and gals!

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