I'm sitting in INV101, "Notes Domino 'Hannover' and Beyond".  Lots of good stuff -- I'll probably update this entry a few times.

Kevin Cavanaugh is showing the Notes plug-in 7.0.1 running on the IBM Workplace Managed Client 2.6 on a RedHat Linux desktop.  This will go to beta shortly.  Cool.

Other things mentioned in this session:

  • Domino Next will support message recall
  • Domino Next will have 64-bit support in beta, but 32-bit architecture will continue to be supported.  This becomes key because Domino customers know how to leverage their investments -- I met a customer yesterday who runs their Domino environment on servers that have been in place for 5+ years.
  • "Hannover" is being built for Macintosh simultaneously with the Windows code
  • "Spamguru" is enhanced anti-spam capability which will be in Domino Next.

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