A colleague wrote me over the weekend, asking for help in compiling a list of Lotus Notes trivia questions.  Sounds like a good distraction for a Monday...here are some of mine and Alan's....I'll put the answers in comments...

  • How many lines of code are in Notes/Domino 6.5?
  • What was the "Easter Egg" in Notes R5?
  • When was the Mac version of the Notes client introduced?
  • What flavors of Unix did Notes R4 run on?
  • What do you call the little icon on database icons that lets you switch between replicas?
Image:What´s your best bit of Notes trivia?
  • Where did the name Shimmer (it was the code name for iNotes) come from?  
  • When did iNotes first ship?
  • When was Lotus purchase by IBM?   For how much?
Got some favo(u)rites to add?

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