When in Rome...

October 10 2007

...well, you know the line.

A bigger-than-expected turnout for today's Lotus Collaboration Summit here, somewhere above 250.  I think we had the right pacing going with the translation, and the team made some adjustments to the plenary session to keep it interesting.  Lunch was better today -- the cold cuts were speck  and breseola, the pasta was great, and there was other yummy stuff.  No queueing, either.

It's been a great learning experience to work with the fine Lotus team in Italy over the last few days.  One thing you can see in this team -- longevity.  Roberto Boccadoro and I started at Lotus within a few weeks of each other.  Alessandro Chinnici has been in every Lotus-related role possible for the Italian team.  John Campitelli picked up his Lotus life from San Francisco and moved to Italy, where he's married and the father of two.  There are many more such stories.  This feels as much like a family as a team of colleagues.  

And as they are family, they take care of their own.  Yesterday morning, Roberto took me to see Da Vinci's The Last Supper, trying for days to find a way to get tickets that are now sold out months in advance (thank you, Dan Brown).  It was worth the effort, even for those precious 15 minutes.  We also walked around the Sforzesco Castle, which I missed on my prior visit to Milan.  That was very cool.

So, while I still will have pictures to post (right, Davide?), and there are probably other topics to cover, tonight I'm celebrating a successful set of launch events.  My apologies again to the other Italian cities that I won't be able to make it to.  No worries for you, though -- you've got my local relatives looking after you.  Ciao!

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