So today's my first day flying since last week's revised security procedures.  Clearly, tons of stuff has been written about the new restrictions, and I haven't felt like I had anything to add to the discussion....until today.

First, in the news today is the long-overdue adjustment to US TSA procedures that TSA, rather than contractors, will check IDs at US airports.  This has boggled my mind since TSA was put in place -- that someone being paid peanuts was responsible for somehow figuring out if the traveller was who their ticket says they are.  All I can say is, about time.

Second, I'm puzzled about the enforcement of last week's new rules.  OK, so you can't take any liquids on-board the aircraft.  Last week, my sister reported that TSA was present on the jetbridges during flight boarding.  Today, at least for my O'Hare flight...nothing.  I suppose the theory is that raised awareness means my fellow passengers will sound the alarm if I have dangerous clandestine Diet Coke.  Funny.

Third, I can't quite figure out why packaged salad dressing is perfectly OK as a carry-on item but not milk.  Or why McDonald's in the airport still insists on selling a beverage with a Happy Meal.

Last, as we boarded today's flight, a mother was faced with the embarassing situation of having her daughter empty her stomach's contents right at the boarding door.  I realize the new security says "no fluids" but I think that's taking it a little far.....

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