At Lotusphere, IBM announced that the public beta of Notes/Domino 8 would be available this quarter.  We are getting very close.  I've just finished installing the February 15th build -- admittedly, the first update I've done since beta 1 in November.  I'm very impressed with the work that has gone on during the last three+ months -- and I know you will be, too.

Many of the significant changes in the UI since beta 1 have been covered extensively on Mary Beth Raven's blog.  For me, the adjustment is mainly around terminology -- "Day At-A-Glance" instead of the calendar in the sidebar, for example.   There are definitely some cool new features, even ones that I didn't see in the Lotusphere build -- such as the explicit type-ahead search box in the open menu...

Image:When will we get to public beta?

I will have more to say about the latest Notes 8 build over the next couple of weeks.  Clearly, I need to have my demos ready for Warsaw and Warrington next week.

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