Some time ago, I passed the inflection point where I was no longer watching blog hit stats for on a regular basis.  You're out there, you're reading, and I'm glad to have you.  Tell your friends and all that, but whether it's 3000 or 4000 browser hits a day, not really critical.  Still, a conversation over the weekend prompted me to take a look at the data in another way.... network locations from the last 30 days.  The data is somewhat surprising.

Most of the top domains hitting are ISPs -- Comcast, Verizon, Road Runner, Deutsche Telekom, and Cox are five of the top six.  In fact, the only company domain in the top 20 is IBM (#4), and the top 30 only adds Microsoft (eternal greetings to my competition...).

So a question -- does that mean that most blog readers are reading in their "spare time" at home or a wifi hotspot?  Or does it mean that more of the readers are work-at-home types (like me and many of my colleagues) vs. sitting in a cubicle farm?  Or, option three, are there that many companies that don't have their own IP address block, and just show as that of their ISP?

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