I've spent much of the weekend on Lotusphere.  In the solace of a quiet, snowy weekend at home, it has been easy and, dare I say, relaxing to focus on the myriad of preparations needed before I get on a plan five+ days from now.  I worked for nearly seven hours straight on Saturday, and a few more on Sunday.  There is much writing, editing, and reviewing going on right now, and it is so much easier on a non-interrupt-driven day without conference calls and constant instant messages.  I've been in the zone for a few days (probably since leaving Macworld Expo)...and now, as we head into Monday morning, it's to the pain/pleasure point where you know it's going to be a fantastic show and you just want to get there already.  But there's a lot of work, and some excitement, still left to play out before AA718 on Saturday.

Before I forget, I wanted to list out my schedule and how to find me at Lotusphere.  Of course, the irony for me for the last several years is that I've spent more time "behind the scenes" than at sessions or hanging out.  This year, with the help of Chris Miller's IDoCheckin, you should be able to find me a lot more easily when I am out and about.  I signed up for BrightKite many months ago, but hadn't been actively using it.  I'm looking forward to seeing it play out at Lotusphere, though I think it will be quite funny to hear hundreds of text message alerts go up simultaneously when someone walks into the dining hall.

Anyway, here are the sessions, BoFs, and public events that I'll be part of at Lotusphere 2009:

  • Sunday, January 18, Business Development Day: I'll be at the general session and presenting BDD205 with David Via at 2:45 PM in the Swan - Osprey.  Of course, I'll also be at the Welcome Reception on Sunday evening, and will make the usual beeline to Kimono's in the Swan afterwards.
  • Monday, January 19: I'll be presenting INV102, "Future Directions for IBM Lotus Notes and Domino Products", with Brent Peters at 1 PM in the Dolphin NHemi D-E.  I'll also be hosting the very exciting BP304 session, "IBM Lotus Notes and Me: Maximizing Personal Productivity with Lotus Notes", with Eric Mack and David Allen (of Getting Things Done fame) at 5 PM in the Swan Ballroom 7-10.
  • Tuesday, January 20: I believe INV102 is supposed to be repeated at 11:15 AM, but I can't find it on the schedule right now.  Will update this blog post when I find out the scoop.  On Tuesday, I'll also host Lotusphere Idol! 2009 at 3 PM in Dolphin Southern III.  A short time later is the "Lotus + Apple = True Love Always" Birds-of-a-Feather BOF411 at 5:45 PM in Swan - Pelican.  From there, I have four different possible places to turn up -- a news conference for our Lotusphere blogger group (more on this soon), Lotus Symphony Karaoke, and a few different evening parties.  Tuesday looks like the killer day at Lotusphere for me.
  • Wednesday, January 21: No scheduled public items, but I'm sure I'll be around
  • Thursday, January 22: No scheduled public items, but I'll be at Ask The Developers, and of course, the closing session.  Not sure about the Lotusphere 2009 Blogger Open...trying!
Looking forward to seeing you all, in just a few days!

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