In many respects, even a week out, the answer is still "I don't know yet".

Image:Where to find me at Lotusphere 2012

I only have two public sessions at Lotusphere 2012: The Messaging and Collaboration Strategy session on Monday the 16th at 2:15 PM in the Dolphin North Hemisphere ballrooms, and hosting Ask the Product Managers on Thursday the 19th at 11:15 in the Swan ballrooms. Everything else on that calendar is individual meetings, press interviews, analyst connections, or behind-the-scenes staff activity. Sure, in the evenings, I'll be around, but otherwise, looking after what are now four product lines -- even with the awesome teams of product and offering managers -- is going to keep me very busy this year. And even though that calendar looks pretty busy, it's still not finished -- I know there are several more meetings that will land on those free blocks on Tuesday and Wednesday very soon. I want to make it to some other sessions and birds-of-a-feather -- this week I'll post some suggestions on don't-miss breakouts from my teams and our development counterparts -- but it's going to be a lot of miles on those walking shoes to get to all the things I want to over the full five days.

More importantly, I want to meet all of you. Every single year, I hit that closing session on Thursday afternoon and wonder, how come I didn't meet ____ this week? Let's not let that happen this time. Be sure to say hi during the welcome reception, a trip through the product showcase, at Kimono's, or even at the closing session. It isn't worth the trip if all I do is those 30-some things you see on my calendar above. It's the chance encounter, the hallway conversation, the shared experience that Lotusphere is all about. I'm leaving in just a few days. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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