Whirling Dervish

May 10 2008

Arjan did not enjoy the Sufi / Whirling Dervish show, but he was a good sport about going along with me.


As he pointed out to me, I watched the majority of the show through the lens.  I really struggled with low light, fast motion, and poor vantage points in order to make what appear to be 5-10 really good shots.  These Dervishes also did not seem quite to be into the show, with no emotion displayed at all.  Maybe that was part of the plan, but it was disappointing.  They also did not often position themselves in the Sufi pose of one hand outstretched to the sky and the other down to the Earth.  Not sure why.


But there were 100 other spectacular shots today in Istanbul, and this was a day of teambuilding and internal meetings.  


Tomorrow I will be on a four hour walking tour called "Istanbul through the lens".  It appears I may be the only one on this tour, which is lead by a local professional.  I can't wait to pick up some even-better shots.

Thank you also to Murat Tuzum, the Lotus sales manager in Turkey, for being a wonderful host today.


Rob McDonagh says he got something out of my Twitter stream today.... a feeling of being here.  I hope I can provide the same over the next few days of travel, both in Istanbul and in my onward stop in Athens.  Many, many more images coming to Flickr.  For now, it is a very late good night.

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