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December 27 2005

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I knew that subject would get your attention.

A couple of weeks ago, when I blogged about scalability, a few people poked me that Notesbench numbers are all well and good, but real-world results are what really counts.  The iSeries team, for example, has posted some incredible numbers -- 150,000 simulated Domino users per server.  But admittedly, I haven't seen that in a real-world deployment .

IBM's pSeries deployment features 10-12,000 users per server, which is a number I've seen at a few other customers.  The question born of curiosity, though, is who has the biggest Domino server?  I'm not sure the best way to find out.  But I suppose a fun thing to do this holiday week would be to have a contest.  Yes, a contest.  Who has (or who has first-hand knowledge of) the biggest of the big honkin' Domino boxes?

What's a contest without a prize?  I've never done this before, but why not.  The person who can document the biggest Domino server wins... (drum roll, please...)

  • If you are attending Lotusphere 2006, I will guarantee the winner a front-row seat for the opening general session.  (Kristin/Sandra -- don't start throwing things, it's just one seat!)  If the winner is not attending Lotusphere, I'll send a copy of the Opening General Session video (as if you were there!).

I know, I know, I'm bound to get a few "size doesn't matter" comments.  Let's keep it clean, friends ;)

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