Winning ways in Dallas

March 31 2005

Just back from the Move2Lotus luncheon that Workflow Studios put together in Dallas earlier today.  We had a very good session -- an impressive meeting venue, good food, great turnout, and most importantly, useful conversation and opportunities.  Congratulations to Lance and Sandra for putting together a first-class event.

As a collective team, we also received good news of a win.  Workflow Studios has been working with a customer in the classic merger/acquisition scenario.  One side was on Domino 6 and doing great and wonderful things with it; the other, Exchange 5.5 with an unexecuted plan to upgrade.  The new CIO of the merged organization authored a proposal to roll out Notes/Domino organization-wide.  When he took it to the company's Board of Directors, there was some hesitancy -- "does anyone still use Lotus Notes?"  I met with the CIO on my last visit to Dallas, basically reviewing my Lotusphere presentation with him (and Lance and Sandra) to give him the right ammo to move his case forward.  Today's good news is that not only did he get the green light, but he's moving on it right away -- and the rollout will begin soon.  It's just one of many Q1 wins I'm hearing about today.... a good day overall!

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