Some of the day-to-day activities in product management are less-glamorous than shipping new products, developing the market, and planning the future.  In today's Lotus channel announcements, you can see the results of one small action item from my to-do list earlier this year.  As of tomorrow, IBM is withdrawing the Lotus Domino Complete Express starter pack offerings from market.  Customers who bought the Starter Pack will automatically transition to the two stand-alone products (Domino Express + Sametime).

You may be wondering what the starter packs were.  Not too many customers took the opportunity to acquire Domino and Sametime through this special 10-pack small-business bundle.  And since they were created, other new ways to reach the small/very small businesses that were the target of the starter pack have emerged, such as Lotus Foundations or partner hosted offerings.  There were also logistical issues, in that the Starter Pack was fixed at a particular release of Notes/Domino, for whatever historical reason, and this created confusion with customers.

One of my objectives for this year is to simplify the number of ways to buy Notes and Domino products.  Right now we have twelve (at least) different ways to buy access to the Domino server.  It's too soon to say publicly what we will do in the long term, but this withdrawal is part of my attempt to simplify.

Link: Withdrawal announcement: Lotus Complete Express starter packs >

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