Next week, my team and I will be in our labs in Littleton, Massachusetts US, working with our engineering team leadership on plans for the Lotus Notes and Domino roadmap for 2013 and beyond. The Mass Labs, as they are known, house many of the top architects, engineers, and developers who work on Notes, iNotes, Domino, and Designer, along with other IBM labs throughout the world. The whole leadership team -- many of whom you have met at Lotusphere, including VP Sandesh Bhat, Directors John Woods, Norm Lord, and Chief Architect Russ Holden -- are all at the Mass Labs, so it makes sense to bring my somewhat-more-distributed product management team together there, along with representatives from the Traveler team (labs in Austin, Raleigh, and elsewhere) and other parts of the Notes/Domino portfolio.

Our priority for the workshop is to lay out specifics of what we want to achieve in the next release of Notes and Domino after "Social Edition", likely to be called "9", and where we go after that. Many of the themes for "9 or whatever we call it" were shared at Lotusphere 2012, but this workshop will be a deeper look and plan for that release and beyond. The product managers, sales, marketing, development, and executive team will be working for two days on these plans, and of course we will also be looking at tactical ways to continue the momentum that we're seeing once again in the Notes/Domino and XPages/XWork space.

Some of the themes that I am expecting to focus on include the continued evolution towards web and mobile interfaces, integration with third party software (this one I hear over and over as a continued priority from customers), future direction for the Notes rich client and improving management and deployability, and taking further elements from the "Project Vulcan" blueprint into the product overall. On the server side, we're going to be looking at work that has been done for SmartCloud Notes and how much of it can be brought into the shipping software product, more standards work, more integration work. Of course we've used sources like as input, along with PMRs/SPRs and the usual inputs to the product management process.

We're working in parallel on a set of activities around the application developer/development roadmap, so that's not a focus for next week's workshop (and we won't have Brent Peters, Phil Riand, or others who would be needed for that). But from an infrastructure perspective....what general areas would you like my team and I to be thinking about? I'm not asking for your favorite feature request, but a higher level hot button thought of what you are looking for from us next. I won't be able to respond to your ideas, and no commitments that this ideation will lead to implemented features. Still, it has worked many times before to throw these discussions open on the blog -- so let's go for it.

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