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July 20 2009

It seems like not a day goes by on PlanetLotus without some mentions of the Domino 8.5 XPages application development tools.  Workshops, blogs, tutorials, analysis, and production XPages applications are all there for your perusal. It is good to see the traction for XPages in the market.  Two specific items worth mentioning:

1) The XPages blog. Five (so far) authors are contributing to this team effort to deliver code snippets, background material, and resources on using and adopting Domino XPages technology.  Well worth a read.

2) Julian Buss from YouAtNotes announced beta of their "Service Communicator" XPages application.  They've even put the beta online for everyone to check out.  The Service Communicator features a simple user interface for finding answers, contributing ideas, and reporting problems, all in the context of YouAtNotes's own software development.  As Julian says:

In a nutshell: Service Communicator is a portal for customer service and includes features like:
  • Solution database so that customers can help themselves.
  • A forum like functionality where customers can ask questions and discuss them with other customers or employees.
  • A place for news, FAQs and additional content about company's products.
  • A chance to report ideas or problems, praise a cool functionality and discuss them with other users.
  • Basic idea management functionality (post ideas, vote on them with tags).
  • If you want to be notified if a question, idea, problem or praise are updated, you can follow it.
  • Many things can be customized (styles, areas, content, custom HTML...).

Service Communicator is a pure Domino XPages application. And while it's not optimized for speed yet, it is quite fast already (as far as I can test it...).
So Service Communicator is our proof that Domino is back as world class application server for the web!
Nice job, Julian.  Well, worth checking out.

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