XWork Server Update

March 7 2012

It has been five months since we introduced IBM XWork Server as part of the Domino family. Last week, my team and I conducted an internal review of progress to date, and concluded that while we're happy with the initial market response and sales, there is more opportunity ahead.

Back in October, I explained our reasons for creating XWork Server -- branding, pricing, flexibility. And since that time, partners like FoCul, We4IT, Elguji and many others have embraced XWork Server as a go-to-market. Still, we are interviewing dozens of Domino ISVs from around the world right now, and finding that awareness is lower than we expected at this point in time.

We know there are several actions we can take on the IBM side to help with this. One is that we need to make it easier for partners to include XWork Server in your offerings. Our ASL program (application-specific licensing) is seen as too complicated, so we are going to template out how to use ASL for XWork Server. Another that we've heard is that the four applications/four NSFs per application license restriction on XWork Server is too specific, and that we should devise a cleaner way of demarcating the line between XWork Server and Domino Utility Server.

An additional area for improvement that we've heard is that there should be a demonstration version of the server or some other way to see that it is useful. We haven't created a trial since it is exactly the same code as Lotus Domino; however, I would like to augment sites like XPages.info with actual reference stories describing XWork Server. And of course we need some official IBM reference stories as well. Those are coming based on the initial results of the first few months.

Still, since this was the server that the Lotus community built, I wanted to throw the question of what to do next back out into the social world. I'm looking to hear from ISVs and partners -- here on the blog or privately, whatever your preference -- on what else you need for us to do to make XWork Server an incremental success for you. What else do you need for it to drive more business? The lines are open, call now :-)

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