February 17 2009

Yesterday, Gabriella Davis asked me:


Don't worry, Gab, I'm not.  Out of what will likely be 100+ Lotusphere Comes to You events, I will speak at less than ten of them.  Almost all will feature an IBM speaker delivering the keynote or other sessions, of course, but there are plenty of us to cover them all.

Gab's question was similar to one FAQ: How do I decide which LCTYs (or other events) to speak at?  There's no magic to the answer -- I speak if I am asked.  Not always, of course, because events need to intersect with my available travel time.  I also try to consider factors such as who else from the Lotus team is at an event -- so as to avoid overlap -- the size and scope of the event, and whether I have spoken at the same event recently.  Some are annual affairs and others are less frequent.  Geography is also a factor -- if I haven't been to a particular country or market recently, then I can receive new or additional perspective at a new event.

What's important to remember is that the "Y"s in this case are numerous.  I can count four or five people I'm aware of from the product or worldwide Lotus team that are on the road at LCTY events right now.  People on my team, development leaders, designers, and sales execs are all part of the road crew.

Even with all the online collaboration and tooling we have for learning today, face-to-face is still an important vehicle for knowledge sharing.  I learned more about local customers during a 30 minute coffee break today here in Hamburg than I ever could presenting on an e-meeting.  It's good to be here on a nice, sunny day -- but it's also good to be going home again for a few weeks before the next LCTYs (or, err, YCTLs).

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