Yellow is the new black

February 3 2006

One of the things I'm most excited about coming out of Lotusphere 2006 is that Lotus marketing has kicked it up a notch in so many ways.  The internal enthusiasm has infused the whole marketplace -- in a way I haven't seen in years.  Lotusphere always reinvigorates -- but 2006 did so at a breakthrough level.

Image:Yellow is the new black

Yellow is the new black -- we even have websites and signature files to attest to this.

Chris Byrne attributes at least some of this to new Lotus marketing VP Surjit Chana (note that Surjit has been busily updating his blog).  Actually, at least some of this goes to several members of the executive team -- Surjit, but also Craig Hayman, Alistair Rennie in his new role running the services team, Ken Bisconti at the helm of the products team, Kevin Cavanaugh with a huge set of Lotusphere news from his team, and of course Mike Rhodin himself.  Not that the attitude all has to come from the top -- It was hard for anyone to be at Lotusphere (or read about it) and not notice the upbeat, positive, and enthusiastic attitude of everyone -- from the stages to the labs to the hallways.  But it's not just attitude -- it's actions, too, like the FUD-responder blog and the multi-year commitment to future Lotuspheres and quoting bloggers in main stage presentations and starting the planning for the IBM Lotus Technical Forum/DNUG and Lotusphere Comes to You events before we had even left Orlando.

When I moved over from marketing to become the sales lead for Notes/Domino 19 months ago, I said, "I believe in the future of Notes and Domino".  Since then, IBM has grown the Notes business by double-digits each quarter.  My management has recognized my indidvidual contribution to this, but I, in turn, am grateful and indebted to thousands of people -- inside and outside of IBM.  Now the real challenge is -- how do we keep this energy going for the next 51 weeks, so that Lotusphere 2007 exceeds the high water mark established last week?  If we can figure it out, this is going to be another great year.

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