Really pleased to read this posting from Darren Duke:

Mail folder : 594G
Archive folder : 41.1G
TOTAL 635.1GB  ...

we were able to reduce SAN storage by an incredible 379GB. When we do this for both servers, well, the numbers speak for themselves.

For this specific client moving to 8.5 has a number of profound advantages:

   1. A new SAN can now be postponed for the foreseeable future. Given todays economic climate, that is a huge win for IT
   2. From a software license view point, this was free thanks to PPA.
   3. With this newly found space, the client is now able to do a Quickr implementation with minimal outlay costs for hardware (indeed this will only be a new blade).
Link: Darren Duke: Our largest DAOS implementation yet. Pre-DAOS 594GB of mail >

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