eWeek in the US: IBM previews enterprise blogging tools:

"Weblog Preview is meant to be an out of box, full-featured blog component to add to other Workplace applications," said Chris Reckling, senior product manager for Workplace application development tools at IBM. "The Designer blogging component is partially a learning tool and partially for developers to extend with new functionality."

IBM already offers blogging capabilities within its flagship Domino collaboration product. Richard Schwartz, principal of RHS Consulting Inc. in Nashua, N.H., has used the Domino tool to publish his own blog for the last two and a half years, one of more than 100 publicly accessible blogs built on Domino. Schwartz said the Workplace blogging tool announcement was about more than gaining feature parity with Domino.

"I think [blogs] are an industry-wide trend, and IBM is making sure that all their collaboration products are keeping up with the trend," Schwartz said.
TechWorld in the UK: IBM moves into enterprise blogging:
IBM has offered blogging capabilities on Domino for several years, but that application was developed externally, Brill said. The new tools are the first time IBM has put blogging into its collaboration portfolio.

"By putting that into Workplace, we are saying that we expect everybody in an organisation to be able to be a publisher, not just a consumer of information," Brill said.

Tools like Google-owned Blogger may be fine for external blogs, but internally the tools need to be integrated with the rest of a company's infrastructure, Brill said. IBM's own employees have taken up the blog idea in large numbers recently, showing that the concept can work, he said. "The inhibitors don't exist as much when you're only talking to colleagues," he said.

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