ZDNet Asia has a story on how the IBM social business strategy relates to the existing business around Lotus Notes and Domino. Quotes included from Forrester's Michael Barnes and Constellation's Alan Lepofsky (who I coincidentally had dinner with last night...).

But the best quote of the story came from IBM Asian sales leader Christopher Blake, emphasis mine:

Asked if rebranding Lotus Notes with a new name could help boost demand, Blake replied: "Calling Lotus Notes legacy simply because it has been around for more than three decades is akin to referring to IBM in the same way because it has been around for over 100 years.

"Like IBM the company, Lotus Notes has been constantly evolving through this period to best address the requirements of the time."

Blake emphasized there are no plans to rebrand what is "effectively a very well-known and respected global brand".
Link: ZDNet Asia: IBM's social push indirectly benefits Lotus Notes >

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