Provocative headline and some assertions you and I might not agree with, but Longhaus's Peter Carr takes a look at the Australian market and trends/transitions in cloud computing:

Within this context, point victories within a holistic collaboration suite are no longer a basis for claiming market victories. For example, if one is to point a finger at the changing fortunes of Lotus for email, then based on our experience in the collaborative portal market of late, one must also point their finger at the changing fortunes of Microsoft through SharePoint.

While seemingly relinquishing their enterprise-direct position for email solutions in the Australian market to Microsoft, it appears that Lotus has found renewed energy in delivering the well-known collaboration brand not only on-demand direct from the cloud, but also through their well established partner-networks. And over the past few years Longhaus has increasingly seen the importance to Lotus of its IBM partner network whether through improved global programs or simply in the solid performance of other key IBM brands such as Domino and WebSphere in the back office.
It's provocative (as Peter always is), but I think Peter raises some good points about opportunities and challenges.  In case you all wonder whether I only want to read "happy talk", I don't.  I'm also working on getting some more context specifically for the Aussie market...

Link: ZDNet Australia: IBM's Lotus not dead yet >

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