This one came my way on Friday, giving me a couple of days to get the story from the IBM side.  Can't really discuss that here, but we can discuss the article itself....

Accountancy group PKF Australia has started migrating its 800 or so users from IBM's Lotus Notes collaboration platform to rival Microsoft's Exchange infrastructure.

The move was proving pricey but would result in a more standardised and integrated environment, the group's chief information officer Mark Carmichael told ZDNet Australia in a telephone interview this morning.

"There's not a lot of roadmap for Notes going forward," he said. "We've started to move away from custom-written applications in Notes to more mainstream, shrink-wrapped products based on SQL."
As was already mentioned in the site's talkback, there's plenty of roadmap for Notes going forward, though that message might not have been getting to the CIO.  Or he was hearing Microsoft's version of it.  Which seems likely, given that
"...I'm sort of in bed with Microsoft a fair bit these days. I know they're going to be there for the years to come. I know I'm going to get the support that I need from them."
but somehow this doesn't apply to IBM?

A loss is a loss, and I'm disappointed to see the "boss loves Microsoft" scenario play out in public, especially when there appears to be little in the way of business rigor applied to the decision-making process.

The story's author also wrote a blog entry entitled "Lotus Notes needs the shrinkwrap treatment".  He says there
Now it's a bit tough to say exactly why some companies no longer seem to be keen on the trusty Notes, and without further data I certainly wouldn't go so far as to call it a trend.

But I would hazard a guess that it has something to do with Notes' reputation as being less of a shrinkwrapped, out of the box solution than Exchange.

People always mention Notes in the same sentence with the phrase "custom-developed applications". For modern CIOs ... that's not a term they like to hear.
Interesting thought.  This is in-part why the Notes Access for SAP Solutions has been getting positive marks -- out-of-the-box integration rather than "custom-developed".  But the strength of Notes has always been that custom-developed app ability...and don't all organizations have some need for situational applications at one point or another?  (Note that I have also been in contact with Mr. LeMay regarding his comments about Notes on Linux, and owe him a follow-up post holidays)

Link: ZDNet Australia: PKF dumps Lotus for Exchange >

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