My inbox lit up like a firecracker tonight, with tons of people linking me to the ZDNet Australia review of Notes/Domino 7 vs. SharePoint Portal Server 2003.  I don't have the background on the ZDNet review yet -- as in, why did they choose to evaluate these two products head-to-head, and not consider some of the key differences between them (like, oh, document-level security, workflow, multi-platform support, offline, etc.).  The article made slashdot. Readers there have taken up some of these points, and, more importantly, posted a bunch of insightful comments about "Scarepoint" .  Some good arguments both ways in the comments on ZDNet's site as well -- interestingly, it looks like the ZDNet team started out participating in the discussion...maybe they'll be back.

Extra points to the slashdotter whose reaction to yet another link to the Notes entry on the "Interface Hall of Shame" was:

The "interface hall of shame []" site is ludicrously out of date. It refers to Notes release 4.6, for God's sake! That was released in what, 1996? We're up to version 7 now! It's a little silly to keep harping on an interface that hasn't even been used in 10 years.

And criticizing Lotus Notes because you don't like the interface of a Notes application is somewhat like criticizing Linux because you don't like the GIMP. Applications can be well or poorly designed in any environment.

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