ZDNet Australia conducts a comprehensive look at messaging approaches, considering Apple Mail, MS Entourage, Eudora 8 beta, Novell (Ximian) Evolution, gMail, Groupwise 8, Kmail (Linux), Notes 8.5, Microsoft Windows Mail, and Yahoo Zimbra.

Image:ZDNet Australia: Top alternatives to Microsoft Outlook: "Ultimately, Lotus Notes is the favoured product"

The great news is, they really, really like Notes, when connected to a Domino server.

Lotus Notes is better compared to Microsoft Office or OpenOffice than with Outlook. It includes word-processing, database, spreadsheet and presentation functionality. It differs from MS Office only because everything is tightly integrated into a single application (instead of an application suite). ...

The greatest assets of Lotus Notes remain integration and flexibility. The vast majority of users could easily complete all of their daily tasks without ever leaving Notes. It includes multifaceted communication and collaboration tools (including email, IM and Video calls) as well as a full office suite (Symphony) and even web browsing. ...

No one single product can be touted as the ideal solution to all needs but Lotus Notes would certainly be an excellent choice for many larger businesses -- after all, it's good enough for GE and IBM. Most people do not have particularly advanced needs when it comes to office productivity tools, so the ability to add Symphony at no extra could save a company very large amounts of money otherwise spent on products such as MS Office or Corel WordPerfect.

IBM have themselves decided they no longer need MS Office on every desk. Lotus are hedging their bets by keeping a close watch on both Microsoft and open source technologies to ensure users can interact successfully with the widest possible range of people. ...

Ultimately, Lotus Notes is the favoured product (provided that is linked to a Domino server!). Notes has a broad range of features and expands into a full, customisable office productivity tool suited to a range of platforms.
To be accurate, GE is not using Notes for e-mail -- but there are plenty of 100K+ user installations of Notes today, along with 1-100 user installations.

Bottom line: Lotus wins with a 4.5 score -- the only vendor to score above 4.0!

Link: ZDNet Australia: Top alternatives to Microsoft Outlook > (Thanks, Stuart H)

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