Dennis Howlett talked with Alek Lotoczkko of NYK Logistics & Megacarrier, and learned that they have been been using Ben Poole's DominoWiki application...

With no budget to improve things, Alek cast around for an open source solution. He discovered Ben Poole's OpenNTF DominoWiki. I was skeptical about this because my experience is that anything connected with Domino is tough work. Not so according to Alek who said in conversation with me: "You're right that developing in Domino can be hard work but DominoWiki was something of a revelation. Ben Poole has done a terrific job making this simple. It was really easy to implement and intuitive right from the get go."

That was in January, 2007. By June, still with no budget and little more than word of mouth, intranet wiki contributors had climbed to 117.
Ultimately, NYK has implemented Atlassian's commercial wiki software, but the availability of a wiki for Domino kicked it all off.  Alek explains the transition further in this post, which was prompted in part by my "why move?" question on Ben Poole's posting.  The result is still positive -- some of the conclusions which Howlett reports are:
# Open source can open the door to commercial solutions
# Cross functional cooperation between IT and comms staff are ensuring the project takes off
# There is no requirement to ditch incumbent applications that continue to deliver value
Congratulations, Ben, on the great coverage.

Link: ZDNet: Old meets new: Lotus Domino and Atlassian >

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