A couple of inaccuracies in this report, but overall a positive that ZDNet undertook its own evaluation of the Notes 8 public beta:

IBM has used Eclipse's extensibility to add productivity applications -- an office suite -- directly into the Notes client. The aim is that you can do most of your work from this single application and don't need to keep switching backwards and forwards. The productivity applications in Notes 8 use OpenDocument format files, so you can interoperate with users of StarOffice or OpenOffice.org, and Microsoft Office once a translator is available. We didn't have much success getting this part of the Beta to work, but the idea is tantalisingly simple, especially for companies looking to reduce desktop costs by using Linux, since you don't need to deploy Notes and the productivity apps separately.

The change of platform for the Notes client promises some quite interesting possibilities for larger organisations -- Notes and Domino's heartland -- who want to create custom, composite applications and combine them with traditional productivity applications. IBM will have to work on the system requirements first, though.
Not just larger organisations!!!!

Link: ZDNet.co.uk: Lotus Notes/Domino 8, Beta 2 > (Via Craig Wiseman)

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