A potential user base of "thousands" moving to Lotus Symphony...

In an interview yesterday, George Lymbers, CIO of the organisation, said he has uncovered substantial savings potential by getting rid of licence fees.

"Some people say, well you only need Windows. Wait a second: you need Office, you need Windows, you need this, you need that. Before you know it you have 10 to 12 licences on one PC covered across thousands of installations. The cost of that is just spectacular," he said.

Office will be the first to go. Lymbers had two alternatives for replacing Microsoft Office: OpenOffice and IBM's Lotus Symphony, based on OpenOffice source code.

He decided to go with the IBM solution, on security and support grounds. Big Blue will provide the back office support for the suite, while Lymbers' department distributes it via thin client over the church's wide area network to the various church organisations. ...

He also said he was looking at Lotus Quikr to replace Sharepoint. The organisation currently runs Lotus Notes email.
Link: ZDNet.com.au: Microsoft ditched as Anglicans go open source >

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