I spoke with ZDNet yesterday about Notes/Domino 8....

It's no secret that the Lotus Notes UI has been, shall we say ... cumbersome over the years (since Notes 5?). IBM hopes to have cleared that hurdle with a new interface, featuring a sidebar that summarizes all the user's tools in one place, including the RSS feeds.

In fact, it's the new interface that's gotten the most positive feedback from customer tests, according to Ed Brill, Business Unit Executive, Worldwide Lotus Notes/Domino Sales, IBM Software Group (nice title, Ed; go for brevity, I always say). The new release has been in development for more than two years.
After also looking at the Lotus Expeditor framework and Eclipse in this context, Dana concludes:
There will be those Web 2.0 purists who will smirk at the way IBM is bringing these functions to the market. But consider that enterprises do more unified collaboration via Notes/Domino than just about any other system. And, importantly, it's a lot easier to bring Web 2.0 functionality into an existing enterprise IT icon, than to bring Web 2.0 functionality into the enterprise all on its barely surviving greenfield start-up own.
Link: ZDNet/Dana Gardner: Lotus Notes 8 brings unified collaboration to mashupable clients >

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