I was following Oliver's tweets from the Lotus Collaboration Summit in San Francisco earlier this week... but I did not realize he had some mis-conceptions about the Lotus Notes marketplace:

Pre version 8.0, the c++ email client releases still in use in a large percentage of Lotus's client base are pretty creaky; searching a well laden mailbox will allow you to go and collaborate with your colleagues offline for a good few minutes until the search results finally appear, and some of the earlier Domino database 'customizations' are holding companies hostage to any upgrades.
Notes has had full-text-index-based search available since version 2, so if a mailbox has this enabled, searches are near instantaneous.  Unfortunate that Oliver's experience was with an environment where that wasn't switched on.
Operating Lotus Notes email client is a result of historical workforce training investment. The email and single seat Microsoft Office license document culture is entrenched in a huge part of the workforce, and introduction of new ways of working and new tools can incite major fear and stress.
This seems to subscribe to the "Notes is just a legacy product" thinking...but we are winning new customers all the time, including yesterday's announcement regarding Hyatt.  While there are many companies that have used Notes all the way back to release 1 or 2, there are also those where Notes 8 is their first use of the product.  Admittedly, it takes time for any software vendor to upgrade their installed base -- but we're now seeing that over half of all Notes shops have Notes 8 deployed in their environment.
Getting your arms around collaboration strategy inside large organizations is so much more than musing on 'climbing out of the communications chasm': belated email usage tactical recommendations are a band aid on a huge problem with questionable results.
I see e-mail as a catalyst for productivity...even the other collaboration vendors that Oliver mentions, along with thoughts from IBM's own Luis Suarez, recognize that people continue to need both a) a medium for asynchronous personal communications and b) a method of collecting alerts and information from other sources and collaborative environments.  Notes 8 serves both purposes, all in a single integrated client.  E-mail isn't going away, but I use all of the tools of Notes (and the full Lotus product line, which Oliver seems to grok the value of) in a way that makes me way more productive than if I was just in that e-mail app in Notes alone.

Link: ZDNet/Oliver Marks: IBM's Legacy World > (via Bruce)

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