Sam Diaz writes about Forrester analyst Ted Schadler's observations at Forrester's IT Forum:

Until yesterday, I had always imagined the communications nirvana of the future as some sort of user interface that was free of the unruliness and ineffectiveness of email. But during a session at the Forrester IT Forum, I came to accept that email is here to stay.

Why? Forrester analyst Ted Schadler said it best: until there's something 10 times better and 10 times cheaper, there will be no reason to switch to something else. And so far, nothing else comes close. Email is universal, a powerful tool that's familiar, adaptable and powerful. Consider that, through email, you can instantly communicate with others no matter where they are on the planet, not to mention transmitting images, documents or any other digital file just by clicking send. ....

Email may be here to stay but the folks in the audience at the Forrester session had some visions of their own for managing email in the future.
The article goes on to talk about Gist and other plug-in models, but also examines our future vision in IBM Project Vulcan.

Link: ZDNet/Sam Diaz: Forrester: Email may be here to stay but it definitely needs an overhaul >

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