Ed Brill   

Jonathan Walkup: 07/26/2004 12:19:14 PM
not to be provocative or anything, but...

Was that a rallying cry or a curse?


Ed Brill (www.edbrill.com): 07/26/2004 12:19:14 PM
Guess you'll have to wait to next week to find out ;)

but would I have blogged it if it was a curse? <chuckle>

Andrew Pollack (www.thenorth.com): 07/26/2004 12:19:14 PM
rally vs. curse

Rally vs. Curse?

Well John, if you are micro and soft, than I suppose its a curse. If you're an I.T. director looking to keep costs down and solutions up, its a rally -- but if you're a consultant who's watched this industry for more than a decade, its a statement of the obvious. ;-)

Heini: 07/26/2004 12:19:14 PM
An Uber LOL from me here

The comment itself is nice but the first comment is even better. Just had a picture in my mind, Ambuj sitting in his office cursing that old flagship. Maybe it is all different now, who knows?

I do not share his opinion though.


Mike Brown: 07/26/2004 12:19:14 PM
He didn't say ...

... "Lotus Notes will live forever, except on the Macintosh", did he?

(Not that I'm sounding like a stuck record or anything!)

Christopher Byrne: 07/26/2004 12:19:14 PM
Ahh, so he believes in the afterlife?:-)


Bruce Elgort (www.BruceElgort.com): 07/26/2004 12:19:14 PM
Of course Notes will live forever....

But.... he didn't mention that it will be on life support :-)

Greyhawk68 (greyhawk68.dominohosting.biz): 07/26/2004 12:19:14 PM
Of course it will live forever...

It will just be called Workplace Rich Client :-)

Bob Brodsky: 07/26/2004 12:19:14 PM
Just like 1-2-3 1A

Lotus products never die! They just fade ...

Alan Lepofsky: 07/26/2004 12:19:14 PM
you folks are too funny...

I think you'd turn "free puppies" into "inexpensive way to loose sleep and have to clean up poop!" :-)

Bruce Elgort (www.BruceElgort.com): 07/26/2004 12:19:14 PM
Now Alan that's my type of "Workplace"

: 07/26/2004 12:19:14 PM
As we are on the subject...

How come the client piece is being called IBM Workplace Rich Client and not IBM *Lotus* Workplace Rich Client?

Ed Brill (www.edbrill.com): 07/26/2004 12:19:14 PM
Ask me again next week, and don't forget to sign your name then ;)

Garth Thomas (www.netforce.com.au): 07/26/2004 12:19:15 PM
Workplace 2.0

Yeah, you guys are right about the Notes being absorbed into Workplace. I've just got back from the Workplace 2.0/Websphere Portal seminar (dubbed 'The Future of Lotus' or some such) held today in Sydney and I've got to say... if you were going to upgrade/replace the Notes Client(s) these two offerings are definitely a great way to go!!

Todd Torben: 07/26/2004 12:19:15 PM
Given that IBM never makes forward commitments ...

... why would Dr Goyal say this?

Would blatantly lie, or perhaps he means it will live in the same way as Smartsuite does, or Discovery Server, or Domino.Doc, or Lotus Workflow, as the living dead - condemned by market reality to exist forever as the playthings of Ed's slideware.

Whatever, he certainly does not mean Lotus Notes will live forever.

Ed Brill (www.edbrill.com): 07/26/2004 12:19:15 PM
My my, aren't we grouchy

but there has in fact been a forward commitment to Notes. Notes 7 is in beta now, Notes 8 has been committed, and general indications have been made that there will be more Notes after that.

Domino.Doc just had a new release to 6.5.1. SmartSuite - in its current form, sure, not much action there. Discovery and Workflow are still active products as well.

Todd Torben: 07/26/2004 12:19:15 PM

Not intention to be grumpy.

Wild Bill (www.billbuchan.com): 07/26/2004 12:19:15 PM
Isnt ".... going to live forever" some part

Of the music from the movie "Highlander" ?

(Cue lots of naff highlander references..)

---* Bill "I look like Sean Connery" Buchan

Steve Castledine (www.dominoblog.com): 07/26/2004 12:19:15 PM

Nah Bill - The theme from fame was being played at the time!

Rob McDonagh (www.captainoblivious.com): 07/26/2004 12:19:15 PM
Bill, I think you mean...

..."Who wants to live forever" by Queen, no? Great movie song.

Chris: 07/26/2004 12:19:15 PM
SuperHuman Zombie

It is true Lotus Notes lives forever... I mean try to kill the damn thing and it leaves all these other tasks running... oh... you mean he did not mean that... oh well errr... ok then.

Ed Brill